#1 Board Emails
1/12/11 Have separate Cherry Ridge owned email address for board members.

#2 Checks
1/12/11 The President and one other board member sign Cherry Ridge Owners' Association checks.

#3 ACC Check Off List

(A copy of the check off list can be found on the association website on the forms page)
2/9/11 ACC is to use check off list when reviewing a project request, and that the check off list be posted with the request form on the association website.

#4 Dues Payment Plan
3/9/11 Association President or Secretary have authority to help owners having a hard time with HOA dues to setup a payment plan.

#5 Fence and Hedges (Owners notified on 5/21/2011)
4/13/11 CCR Article 5.06 Hedges inside of owners fence is not considered a lot line barrier.  The Board views which ever is closest to your lot line is considered your lot line barrier.  If you own a fence on or inside your lot and have a hedge or solid group planting on the side of your fence farther away from your lot line than your fence than the hedges or solid planting are not considered a lot line barrier and the planting has no height restriction in the eyes of the association board.  If you have a hedge or solid planting and have a fence on the side of the planting farther away from your lot line than your hedge or solid planting than the hedge or group planting is considered your lot line barrier and has a height restriction of six feet.  Because you cannot have a fence beyond the front of your house any hedge or solid planting beyond the front of your house has a fix foot height restriction.  The association fence is not considered to be an owners fence, if a hedge or solid planting is behind an association, there is a six foot restriction on their height.  If there is an owners fence between the hedges or solid planting and the association fence, the owners fence is the lot line barrier and, there is no height restriction on the hedge or solid planting.

#6 Due Process Form (Click here to be taken to the Forms Page)
8/24/11 A reques tfor due process hearing form be used: that an owner must use to request a hearing at least five days before a scheduled board meeting in order to be heard at a board meeting for a violation of the HOA rules and regulations.  If no request is made before 36 days after the violation first notice the owner relinquishes their right for a hearing on that violation.  If a request is sent to the association five days before a scheduled meeting that owner is on the agenda for the upcoming board meeting and their hearing is okayed.  (sent to owners Nov, 2011)

#7 Notice of Resolutions
8/24/11 The board will send out a notice copy of all new resolutions quarterly to the owners and a copy of current resolutions yearly to keep owners informed and post them on the website.

#8 Conflict of Interest
8/24/11 No Board member or committee member can approve their own request, citing it may be a conflict of interest.

#9 Election Process for Board Members
8/24/11 Election process for Cherry Ridge Owners Association Board members must be at a minimum, send out nomination forms to every owner and give tend days from sent date for nominations and request of why nominee would make a good board member.  The Association will give ten days to receive and prepare ballots with biography of each candidate that came with nomination.  The Board will send out ballots and give ten days for owners to return ballots to the board from the date the ballots are sent.  The results of the election will be announced at an owners meeting set by the board and then posted on the Cherry Ridge Owners' Association website following the meeting.

#10 Facebook
(Please see Cherry Ridge Owners' Association Internet Policy at the end of resolutions list)

8/24/11 Cherry Ridge Owners' Association open a Facebook account, that will be controlled by one of the current board members in an effort to better communications with owners.

#11 Collection
(Please see Cherry Ridge Owners' Association "Collection of Unpaid Charges" and "Turning over Collection files with Fines" policies at the end of resolution list)
10/19/11 The Board of Directors "COLLECTION OF UNPAID CHARGES" Vail Fotheringham resolution signed and adopted.  The Vail Fotheringham addendum to CFE (Cash Flow Enhancement) representation agreement "TURNING OVER COLLECTION FILES WITH FINES" also signed and adopted as Cherry Ridge Owners' Association policy .

If you can't access the internet or association website at and need a copy of the form(s) and or rule(s) please contact a current board member for assistance obtaining a copy.  Click here to go to the Contact Information page.
(There may be a small cost involved for cost of copies)

#12 Emergency Repair Authorization

WHEREAS, the Board of Directors of Cherry Ridge Owners’ Association deems it to be in the best interests of the Association that the following actions be taken by the Board of Directors
NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that, pursuant to applicable law, the undersigned, being all of the Directors of this Association hereby consent to, approve, and adopt the following:

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that Article IV, Section 4.07, Special Assessments for Capital Improvements of the Bylaws should add the following:
Section 4.07: Emergency repairs of $500 maximum related to capital assets, may be authorized by two (2) Board members without seeking full board approval when failure to act may result in irreparable damage and/or significant cost of future repairs as determined by appropriate professional consultation.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that all other provisions of the Bylaws as adopted shall remain in effect and the foregoing resolution shall be incorporated into the standing Bylaws of the Cherry Ridge Owners’ Association.

PASSED AND ADOPTED the 20th of July, 2015 by a unanimous vote of the Board of Directors of the Cherry Ridge Owners’ Association

  • Sally J Savidge, President
  • Ken Cook, Secretary
  • Nichole Kelly, Cherry Ridge Apartments
  • Roger Shirley, Cherry Park Market Center

Signed and dated by the President of the Board of Directors of Cherry Ridge Owners’ Association on this the 20th day of July, 2015.


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